Sources for used BMW parts, particularly K-bike parts.

Author: Spike White
Updates: Mark Shreffler


Allen's Motorcycle Salvage
(509) 484-4844
Bent Beemer
(503) 549-9742
   Bent Beemer            
   Ralph Butler
   Sisters, OR (Bend area)
Bent Bike MC Salvage
(800) 328-8810
Blue Moon Cycle
(404) 447-6945
   Blue Moon Cycle         
   John Landstrom
   Norcross, GA
BMW Motorrad
(800) 999-1269,
(314) 531-4010
Bob's BMW
(301) 924-5155 and (800)BMWBOBS
   Bob's BMW                  
   Elkridge, MD                                  
Capitol Cycle Corporation
(800) 642-5100
CC Products
(408) 559-6602 - number no longer functional
Freemont Cycle Salvage
(510) 796-3131
   Freemont Cycle Salvage     
   San Francisco Bay Area
(800) 275-2129, - number no longer functional
(213) 408-0411
Perry BMW Exchange
(765) 564-6338
   Perry BMW Exchange     
   Galen Perry
   Delphi, Indiana
Recycled Cycles Inc. - little or no BMW
(208) 772-2645
Re-Psycle BMW Parts
(614) 837-1160
   Re-Psycle BMW Parts    
   Mark Sidle
   Carroll, Ohio
Salvage & Used Parts - little or no BMW
(509) 926-5044
San Jose BMW
(408) 295-0205
Speed's Cycle
(410) 379-0106
   Speed's Cycle              
   Elkridge, MD

Other sources

PARTS HAUS, new numbers (562)426 -3558 & -3528 FAX
Costa Mesa CA

Ads in back of MOA news and On The Level.

For R bikes only, the Airheads newsletter.

Regional swap meets.

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