Airhead Halogen Parking Lamp Modification

By Rex Wright

From: Rex Wright <>
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 09:32:59 -0500

This tip can be used for all models of BMW motorcycles, but is best for those airhead models that have or can be fitted with a headlight/parking lamp switch. The airheads are known for having marginal amperage, and most of us use our headlight during daytime hours in an attempt to be keep from getting T-boned by cage pilots. This mod consists of using a 10 watt halogen lamp in place of the small incadescent parking light bulb. The halogen lamp is plenty bright to attract attention during the day, and yet makes things easier on the charging system.

The 10 watt bulb is a perfect fit in the parking light socket. You may want to slightly bend in the socket's retainer tab edges to ensure a snug fit. The bulb is a Philips #12452. It is probably easiest available at NAPA Auto Parts, as a Wagner #47835. It will probably have to be special ordered, $7.49 at my store.

[ I have been advised that the bulb numbers above are for 20 watt bulbs to replace a 5 watt bulb. Perhaps the Philips 10 watt #12024 or another bulb with wattage closer to the original will be a better choice. BungeeBob ]

Would you PLEASE finally do something about it??? BTW, Philips 10w bulb is #12024 and Wagner doesn't even make one by all the looking I've done. Osram, Narva and GE all make 10w; still haven't found a Hella one though.

DO NOT attempt to use this bulb in the Eyebrow of an RS or RT fairing, it is too "hot". For those bikes purchase an extra light socket, BMW part #62-14-8-680-130, $2, and pigtail wire harness, BMW part #61-12-1-358-176, $5. The parking light headlight bulb socket for these models is empty from the factory, so just plug it all together and run the lead end to the headlight's circuit board where the eyebrow wire was (uplug the eyebrow lead and plug it into the new pigtail wire). Now your eyebrow and parking/halogen bulb are both connected.

Rex Wright, San Antonio BMW Riders Association

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