Lanolin-based Hand Cleaners Remove Anything

By Bruce G. Keahey

From: Bruce G. Keahey <>
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 13:48:07 -0600

Last week, I suggested that a prez might try using one of the Goop-like lanolin-based mechanic's hand cleaners to remove stubborn tree sap. I said that I had been repeatedly surprised to discover a variety of substances such cleaners would dissolve and remove, such as:

On the way to a rally, I encountered a prez who'd gotten stuck behind a pavement striping crew, resulting in bright yellow pavement marking paint being splattered all over the underside of the bike. At a loss for how get it off, he was headed for the nearest Target store for various chemicals to an attempt try to get it off. He mentioned some I knew would damage his bike's finish.

I suggested that he try one of the Goop-like lanolin-based hand cleaners, applied with a brush, worked around with the bristles, then rinsed of with a high pressure car wash. I didn't know whether traffic marking paint was oil- or latex -based, but I knew that if it hadn't yet cured, the hand cleaner just might remove it. I jut didn't engine heat hd cured it yet, but the hand cleaner was worth a try, and it wouldn't harm the finish of his bike.

The next day, in the vendor's tent, I saw him laying out his products for sale. I asked if he'd tried the hand cleaner, and if it worked. Yes, he said, and in spades. He was elated and showed me the bike. All of the paint spatters were gone from the finished areas of the bike. Some paint remained on the cast aluminum engine case and sump. It had been cured quickly by engine heat, but it could be safely removed later with more aggressive chemicals, such as a paint stripper. The underside of the fenders still had some paint on them, but that may have simply been of lesser importance, since road spooge gets flung there anyway, or they may have just been difficult to reach. The bottom line was that the lanolin-based hand cleaned up a mess that was important to be removed quickly, and it did so without damaging to the bikes finish.

DISCLAIMER: I have no financial relationship with Goop or any of the lanolin-based hand cleaners; it's simply the first name that comes to mind, but as far as I know, any/all would be equally effective.

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