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First Aid Kit

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Suggestions for a First Aid Kit

By Flash Gordon, MD

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Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 20:26:22 -0700


What do you need in a first aid kit? That depends: Do you spend most of your time within the city limits, or do you find yourself riding down to Baja every fall? If you're a city rider, just stick a few band aids and some antibiotic ointment in your tool kit. You'll always be within a few minutes of an emergency room. If you do weekend rides out in the country, you need more than just band aids. Check out the list below.

Long distance tourers will want to carry all of the below items. Don't forget your prescription meds, along with their original bottles. A copy of your glasses prescription is worthwhile anytime.

Together, all of the above weigh about half a pound, and fit into an area the size of a paperback book. You can call the American Red Cross to find out about a first aid course, if you're going more than a couple of hours away from "civilization." Of course, people's definitions of civilization vary quite a bit. For me, it's not civilized if I can't get a pizza delivered at midnight seven days a week ...

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