DIY Evaporative Cooling Neckties

By George Guillory

From: George Guillory <>
Date: 10/14/2000 8:32 PM

Now that the Houston heat and humidity is getting lower I have been thnking about one of those evaporative cooling necktie type things. They did seem expensive though.

Having just jumped into sewing I thought I would give it a try after seeing a package of "Root Watering Crystals". Some of that stuff you mix in the soil to retain moisture. The crystals are the same as the commercial necktie models.

I took some scrap T-shirt material I had around and cut a piece about 4.5"x24". It might need to be longer depending on the size of your neck or if you wish it to cross at your chest. T-shirt material is what I had, I am thinking about trying it with a scap of Coolmax quick dry fabric but cotton doesn't dry as fast which may be an advantage.

Fold it long way in half so you get something 2.25" x 24". Fold the open edge back about 1/4" and use straight pins to keep it folded. Start on one end and work down the long side using small stitches. Don't sew the other end yet.

Turn the tube inside out. Make a paper funnel and fill the cloth tube with about 2 ounces of water crystals. I used a pre-packaged product called Agrosoak Root Watering Crystals. THis is the exact amount for the size tube I made. They also make a 10oz jar if you need to make several. I guess you could make a few, put them in a plastic bag, and change them out on long trips.

Sew the open end shut. I sewed a snap on each end so it would stay on. A side result it that it fits close to my neck which touches about where my carotid lies. I think I get SOME cooling effect but it just might be a placebo effect.

The result, works great. I guess you could sew using a machine if you had one but it took me about an hour of hand stitching.

Total cost is about US$1.75 for the crystals. Bag says crystals are non-toxic and PH neutral. It is 90% co-polymer of Polyacrylamide.

Stitch one up and save yourself some money.

George Guillory, 1987 BMW K75RT

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