Modifying an Arai Helmet Faceshield To Stay Open

By Mark Barr

From: Mark Barr <>
Date: Sat, 3 Jul 1999 15:19:27 EDT

The article is about modifying the face shield of the Arai helmet to stay full or partially open. It was sent to the IBMWR list in reply to some prezzes who were having problems with their face shields.

I wuz saving this trick hoping to get a scanned sketch of my fix in case anyone would need it.

If you remove your faceshield and then remove the side covers from your helmet you will find a white plastic shield base plate screwed onto the helmet. About halfway up this base plate is a horseshoe shaped piece with a rib in the middle of it.

If you place your faceshield on the base plate you will see that the two fingers of the horseshoe shape create an interference with the elongated arc cutout in the faceshield.

I cut four pieces of rubber approx. 1/8" x 1/8" x 3/8" ( 3mm x 3mm x 10 mm) and wedged one piece between the center rib and each finger of the horseshoe shape to force these fingers away from the center rib.

Clean the horseshoe shape with alcohol if you put any silicone lube on it and carefully clean the mating area on the faceshield using care not to get alcohol on any part of the faceshield that you look through.

For those of you that ride in cold weather you might want to adjust the base plates with the shield in position to create a tighter seal all around the face shield. Install the side covers and faceshield.

You will now have enough friction to hold the faceshield full up or partially open while riding. On my R11RT with the windshield full down I can ride with the shield full open up to about 50 mph and partially open up to 40 mph (depends on the amount of wind).

I did this modification to my helmet in Sept. of 97 and looking at it now every thing is fine. (No DATA and no stress test to support this, and I did use Chip's beam torque wrench with two foot pipe to tighten all the hardware :-))))

For anyone needing a piece of 1/8" rubber you can send me a self addressed stamped envelope and I will send you some "magic rubber".

Email me off list for my address.


Mark Barr
Doylestown, PA

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