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Other BMW Motorcycle Related Stuff

Convert to a 12 Hour Clock on R11's - and Restoring a Blank LCD in the RID Joe Senner 12/1997
Prevent melting of an Accessory Socket Brian Curry 3/1998
Survey of BMW Motorcycle Chassis Numbers Al Olme 11/1998
How to Calibrate Your Speedometer Wes Jackson 12/1997
How to Remove a Stuck Oil Drain Plug Tom Hill 06/2006
How to Extract Wheel Bearings Tim Bond, with Brian Curry 12/1997
Front shock Fluid Quantity and Suspension Response Brian Curry and Tom Bowman 11/1998
$1.98 Hardware Store GPS Mount for a Garmin III Plus Sam Lepore 01/2000
Airhead Halogen Parking Lamp Modification Rex Wright 9/1999
Build your own Headlight Modulator Jim Buchanan
Another Build your own Headlight Modulator Jim Buchanan
Using Heated Grips and Bar End Weights Brian Curry and Rob Scott 11/1998
Heated Grips in general Doug Grosjean 11/2000
How to Install Heated Grips Brian Curry, Ted Verrill, Cissie Myrick, Joe Denton, and Cuno Walters 11/1998
Repairing Integral Bag Latches Steve Huber 8/1998
Build your own wooden K-Bike stand Don Eilenberger 12/1997
Installing Mirror Leashes Rob Taylor 12/1997
Changing a Top Case Lock and Rekeying Brian Curry 1/1998

Other General Tech Articles

Modifying an Arai helmet faceshield to stay open Mark Barr 7/1999
Installing Autocom and Radios David Brick 9/1998
Cheap, tiny, aux lights you can afford Dan Pierce 11/1999
Battery Tech Anton Largiader
Lead Acid Batteries Jim Buchanan
Bosch Charging Systems Jim Buchanan
How to Fill and Charge a New Battery Robert Fleischer 3/1999
DIY $5 Bead Breaker that works every time ... Brian Collins 4/2004
Two methods for Bleeding Air Out Of Master Cylinders Roger Albert, with Cuno Walters 3/1999
Hints for Bleeding Handlebar Hydraulic Reservoirs Brian Curry 12/1998
Rear Braking - sliding and falling Anek Rebalski 10/1999
Checking Your Rims for True Before Changing Your Tires Tim (Bondo) Bond 12/1997
Simple, inexpensive 10¢ Cruise Control Ed Benson and Voni Glaves 12/1999
Deer Whistles, they don't work! Roy Truelsen 11/2000
Replacing a Digital Tire Gauge Battery Brian Curry 1/1998
DIY Evaporative Cooling Neckties George Guillory 10/2000
Fairing Repair Richard Pass 5/1999
How a Fastener Works Joe Dille 11/2000
Fastener Types and Properties Joe Dille 11/2000
Fiberglas Repair 12/1999
Suggestions for a First Aid Kit flash gordon, md 6/1999
Gasoline Octane Rating Systems Larry Conn, BMW of Orlando 12/1997
H4 Bulbs David Harrison 9/1998
How to make your own Heated Clothing Jason T. Sharman 12/1998
Make Your Own Heated Visor Anders H¯rtvedt and Thomas Winterfeldt 1/1998
Lanolin-based Hand Cleaners Remove Anything Bruce G. Keahey 9/2000
What You Should Know About Motorcycle Insurance, especially in Florida Tom Gallo 11/2004
Oil Report - Is This The Right Oil For My Bike? Jeffery DiCarlo 9/1999
Build your own Pocket Wheel Balancer Brian Curry 8/1998
Simplified Pocket Wheel Balancer Hugh Kenny 1/2003
Pocket Wheel Balancer for dummies Paul Kalichman 1/2003
Powder Coating for Motorcycles Dave Wright
Super Glue and Baking Soda ... and Repairing Plastic Saddlebags Jeff Dunkle 1/2000
Repairing Your Electric Vest Brian Curry 3/1999
Rugged Electric Vest Connections Brian Curry 1/1998
Make Your Own Tank Panniers Lee Freedman 1/1998
Motorcycle Tire Code Table 12/1997
Tire Changing at home ... tools, balancing, and other stuff Adam Glass 1/2000
Tire Stuff ... How a Tire Works Mike Padway 10/1999
Tires, Plugging, Patching, Means & Inflating Brian Curry, with Graham Smith, Dan Arnold, and Joe Dille 9/1998
All About Torque Wrenches Joe Dille 11/2000
How to Check Your Motorcycle's Wheel Alignment Rob Lentini 3/1995
How to Check Your Motorcycle's Wheel and Frame Alignment John Bellis 10/1999
What makes a Voltage Regulator High-Output? Brian Curry 6/1996

Other Tech FAQs

Air Filter FAQ Richard Bernecker 8/1998
Gasoline FAQ From Ohio-State.EDU
Jeff Dean's R27 FAQ Jeff Dean 10/1999
System IV Helmet FAQ Court Fisher,with Cynthia Milton, Graham Smith, Jeff Carpenter, Barry Ferris, Brian Rozema, Phil Rose, Ted Vance, Odd Terje "O.T." D¯vik, Erik Miner, Bill Shaw, Steve Anderson, Art Hechler, and Don Faichney 11/1998
Two Up Riding FAQ - Hints, Secrets, Things to do or not to do James Colburn, David Brick, Gil Jones, Bob April, Mark (Wurty) Wurtenberger, Rick Rohlf, Dave Swider, Colorado Jeff, Bill Grissom, Chris Bell, Shannon Brown, Jeffrey Harth, Jane Loyless, Mark Novitz, Rob Nye 9/1999

Other Motorcycle Related Stuff

Short History of the Boxer David Svoboda 12/1997
Summary of The Hurt Study - A study of motorcycle accident stats. 12/1997

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