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Non-Anonymous Book

The Non-Anonymous Book is an online list of people that have graciously offered to assist or converse with you on your journeys. This is our IBMWR online version of the well-known Anonymous Book published by BMW MOA, and the Blue Book formerly published by BMW RA. This online list allows you to contact people on the list for suggestions about places to go or avoid, things to do or not to do in their area, and help in an emergency. Each person has outlined their location and contact information and what they're willing to do to assist you. Needless to say, most people don't need much of an excuse to go for a ride as well.

As with the MOA anonymous book, please don't abuse this service, or we'll ALL lose it!

See below in the next section on Adding Yourself for information on how to include your info in the book as well as how to contact the administrator.

A really fine piece of computer art by Renaud Nagel of France.
(artwork by Renaud Nagel - France)
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Adding Yourself to the Non-Anonymous Book

Important concept:

The the Internet BMW Riders Mailing list and the Non-Anonymous Book are two different entities with different purposes and implications.

Internet BMW Riders Mailing list

The Internet BMW Riders Mailing list is essentially a computer program that forwards all mail sent to one email address to all members of the mailing list. You must subscribe yourself to this list.

Non-Anonymous Book

The Non-Anonymous book is a contact list for use by touring BMW owners. By printing out the appropriate sections of the book before a trip, the rider has a list of contacts who are willing to help out along the way. Another great usage is to call or e-mail before making your journey to get tips on the best roads, worst roads, best dining, best camping...

This service is patterned after the MOA's "Anonymous" book, but is not associated with the MOA.

To participate in this service, send in the info (sample below) to the editor. Please read "About the Non-Anonymous book" first.

How to sign up

If you want to be in on this, send the information that you want included to the editor of this page. There's an email link towards the bottom to do this, but please read the rest of this page first.

So far, hardly anyone has wanted to be anonymous, so this service is called the "non-anonymous pages". Of course, if you do want to be anonymous and just list a phone number or email, that is fine too. Just make sure to mention that to me in all correspondence, or I might forget. Unless told otherwise, I always put in the e-mail address since we are The Internet BMW Riders, after all.

I do need to know what country, state, or province page to add your entry to.

Should I supply my full street address?

Most people don't want to put down their address for all to see. Some do. If you're considering it, think about it carefully first. In these modern times, many people don't want to advertise the exact location of one or more of these wonderful Beemers that we all love so much.

And be sure to tell me that too. I usually recommend just putting country, state, area, or city/town down even when more information is supplied. Better safe than sorry, I figure. But please do tell me what country, state or province's page you need to go into.

How often is the Non-Anonymous book updated? How will I know when it's updated?

Remember that when you send in an entry (or a change) that it will take a while to appear. Depending on other things going on in my life, it can take a while. Since I have started maintenance of the pages as of May-1996, I have been adding entries in batches as time and schedule permits.

If you are getting worried about an entry you sent in, by all means ask, but don't be surprised if it's just waiting in my "to-do" file for attention. And please remember that the IBMWR web site is supported by volunteers and that updates to the web page must wait until the time is available.

In any case, remember that this list gets updated a lot more often than the printed MOA anonymous books.

What information should I send?

Send me your name, location, contact info, what kind of BMW you ride, and any comments about what kind of contact you would like from other riders, what kind of help you can provide, and if you like overnight and/or dinner guests. Look at other entries in the Non-Anon book to see what you might say.

Your telephone number and e-mail address are the most important ways to get in touch with you. I always put in the e-mail address unless told otherwise.  Definitely let me know which country, state, or province's page to add you to.
Other than that . . .

Sign up by sending an e-mail like this:

Subject: Non-Anon add/update

Name: Tarzan
Address/Area: Hollywood Jungle, California, USA
Phone: 1-800-APE-MAN1
Model(s): 1990 R100GS/PD
Comments: no nearby dealers, no nearby good roads to ride - only trails, spare treehouse available, plenty of jungle juice and conversation.


John Petty  - your friendly local Non-Anonymous Elf (click to email your info to me)

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