K-Bike Headset R&I Tool

By Jim Normandeau
April 1998

I followed the Haynes manual up to the point where you need to remove the races. The manual says you need a special puller, others suggested a custom tool. This is what I found to work on my '85 K100RS:

I bought the following to remove and install the races:
(Note that these are basic nuts and bolts found in any hardware store.)

1 - 5/8" x 8" bolt
2 - 5/8" nuts
2 - 1.75" diameter washer (standard size for above bolt)
2 - 2.5" diameter washer (standard size for 1' bolts)

- Shave two sides of the 1.75" diameter washer just enough to allow it to slide sideways through the bottom race.
- Once inside the tube, turn it so that it rests flat on the bottom race.
- Using the bolt with one of the nuts screwed on to it place it through the washer and then screw on the other bolt to holt it in place on the bolt.
- Now "gently" tap out the race. It worked like a charm for me. You may need to use a bigger hammer and two washers to get out the sticky ones.

Use the two larger washers and bolt to press the new races (one at a time) into place by slowly tightening the bolts with one washer at each end.