Addendum on Headset Bearing Tool

By: Stash Zdanuk
November 2000

I tried to send a note to Jim Normandeau letting him know that I used his Steering Head Bearing Race removal tool and it worked quite well. Unfortunately the e-mail address is no longer valid. I have one suggestion....

After pressing the new races into the tube with the big washers, they'll be flush with the ends of the tube. The top race, when fully seated, is recessed a very small amount below the tube. The lower race is recessed 1/8" or so. Once I got each race flush, I placed one of the old races between the new race and the large washer and tightened little more. This fully seated the race. Make sure the old race is lined up with the new one to avoid damaging the tube when tightening.

Great information on the site. I check it whenever I've got something to do on my '85 K.

Stash Zdanuk
Portland, CT