Steering Bearing Removal

By Peter Rihoy
June 2001

Dear Tom,

'just read a couple of articles regarding steering head bearing tension. Mention is made of the difficulty in removing the inner bearing from the lower triple clamp for replacement, the following worked for me.

Select two lengths of studding (threaded bar) about 1/4" diameter, being an inch or so longer than the steering stem,

After cutting or grinding the cage & removing it & the rollers from the lower bearing, grind the ends of the studding so that, when they are placed parallel to the stem and resting on the bearing surfaces they mate (more or less) with the bearing surfaces (an extra pair of hands is useful at this stage). Then Arc or Mig weld the studding to the bearing surface.

Take a piece of 1" x 1/4" flat stock bar and drill it (a little oversize is best) to slide over the studding, so that the centre rests on the threaded end of the steering stem. Then install two nuts on the ends of the studding.

You now have a puller attached directly to the lower bearing.

Tighten both nuts evenly and the bearing will pull off neatly.

If you prepare all parts in advance (so that you are able to assemble and begin pulling immediately after the welding) the residual heat will make the process even easier.

Pete Rihoy
Guernsey, Channel Isles, U.K.