Budget Oil Filter Wrench

By: Michael Alsin
July 2004

Stride Tool <stride@stridetool.com>
Filter Wrench, Type J, US$2.96 @ Wal-Mart
Product: 18009
UPC: 30359 91002

This can be rasped down quite easily as it is made out of some sort of resin material. Modification takes about 5 minutes using a Stanley Surform and a vice to hold the filter tool. I filed off all of the ridges and the tool fit into the K recess.

The fit on the filter is a little sloppy/loose but works and certainly doesn't get stuck on the filter up in its engine recess. A 3/8" ratchet extension fits into the wrench.

These filter wrenches are attached to blue and white cards, about 7" h x 5" w. Another wrench, Type I ["i", not "1"] from the same company, seems to fit the BMW filter better at first but after a few ons and offs starts to easily slip.