From: (Tom Coradeschi)
Subject: Re: installing fork
Date: 25 Jul 94 10:39:19 CDT (Mon)

Jeff Bacon wrote:
>I finally got my new Progressive fork springs. (Considered the
>LM antidive kit, but have heard it makes things too stiff.)
>Unfortunately, they don't come with instructions on how to install
>the bloody things. And the Haynes manual I have starts its
>instructions with "take the fork tubes off the bike"...
>I can probably muddle through the job using it as a guide, but...

Nah. Jack up the front of the bike - a floor jack and a wood block under the front of the engine works fine for this! Take the handlebars off (just remove the 4 bolts and push it back so you can get at the top of the fork tubes). The black plastic caps pop off and you can then get at the plugs in the top of the fork tube. You have to push these down (I use a hex drive, extension and ratchet to rotate the plug while pushing down on the plugs). Then you can pry out the circlip. Rotate the plug some more and it should come right out (you may have to let the front of the bike down a little for this, I think the stock springs have little preload if any, so you want the springs to push the plug out for you).

Reach in and pull out the preload spacer and then the old springs. Install the new springs. Cut the preload spacer down - the sheet which came with the new springs tells you how long to make it and install that. Assembly of the plugs is reverse of disassembly. The Progressive springs have much more preload than the stock springs, so you'll have to coordinate your tools and actions to get the circlip back in. A helper is a Good Thing for this job. While you're at it, renew the fork oil!

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