K Bike Performance Improvements

By Rob Lentini
Walt: Here's some K info I sent out a while back. If you'd like to include it on you www please feel free to do so. Rob

Louis, Here are the major things I've done to my S over the years...


Suspension and brakes:


Transmission and Final Drive


Louis, you can see I've done nothing radical to this machine other than relentless preventive maintenance, peaking of specs, and, I might add, keeping the motorcycle spotless. Routine cleaning uncovers problems as they develop, keeping you ahead of the game. OK, I am experimenting with a wide KRS 18" rear wheel with radials. Requires machining and some workarounds though, but the bike looks neat! So far, so good.

Good luck with your bike, and give me your address if you want the mailings. Happy wrenching! Work carefully and methodically and QC your work!


Rob Lentini
'87 K75S
Tucson, AZ