Headlight Switch Repair - Addendum III

By Paul C
July 2005

8-2004 Problem: Headlight switch very hard to move and dead spot where light goes off. Miles: 45,000. I live in a place where it never rains. Even though the switch is carefully enclosed, I think dust and dirt gets into it as you drive. I was surprised by the build up of dirt I found in my switch.

Thanks to the directions I followed from Don Eilenberger:

If you could buy this switch for $30 I would recommend it. My switch works well but it still has a flat spot. In the day it is not possible while riding to know for sure if my head light is on. Hopefully, I won't need to touch it for many years. It has been over a week now and the switch is working well.

Items needed:
Large clear plastic bag. Dielectric grease. Q-tips & hand cleaner or other light degreaser. Do not use strong solvents or brake cleaner. It will destroy the plastic. #2 phillips screwdriver. Very small straight screw driver to pry. Toilet paper or shop towels to clean in small places.

~ 1 - 2 hours.

Do not push or play around with the switch unnecessarily until full disassembly. The key part is the headlight button. Once removed the switch can be rotated up (see picture 4) even with the pin in place and the springs will shoot out!

The dealer quoted me $65 + tax for the switch. You should call your dealer first for price and availability. If you make a mistake and springs go flying you will need to buy a new switch - so get ready in advance.

  1. Remove screw (one) and pry Headlight Switch off the handle bars.
  2. Remove 6 screws (note where different lengths go). Try to keep each screw where it belongs in the piece it holds down, where possible. Unscrew Signal button screw.
  3. Separate the inner switch from outer cover - use a very small screwdriver and flex the outer cover. It will also take some effort on reassembly - a little silicone or grease could ease reassembly.
  4. Remove the screw for the Headlight Button Screw (#8). WARNING: At this point if the switch is pushed / rotated it will swivel to a position where the springs and other parts will POP OUT!!! Take a small pointed object and push the main pin out. It should go in and out easily.
  5. Cover entire switch with clear plastic bag and slowly rotate switch out. Keep pressure on the U-shaped parts that the springs push against to prevents to parts from popping out. There are two U-shaped parts towards front of the bike and one round thick bullet shaped pin with a spring inside it facing the back of the bike.

Re-install all parts - keep covered with the bag until the headlight button is screwed in. Then you are safe from the springs popping. TAKE YOUR TIME AND DON'T RUSH.