Complete "Modular" Assembly

assemb.gifThe complete assembly was wired so that it was modular, and easily installed or removed.

To remove the relay assembly from the headlight circuit, all that is necessary is to unplug the stock headlight socket from the male plug that powers the relay switch coils, and remove the female plug from the relay to the headlight bulb, replacing it with the stock headlight plug. Time should not exceed 30 seconds, even in total darkness.

The modular assembly as can be seen is wired with two pigtails (about 12" long), one (the male plug) of which goes to the existing headlight plug, the other connects to the headlight bulb. The single 'eye' connector was used to provide the ground for the headlight (female) plug, and was placed under the mounting bolt for the K-RT right side horn. In addition, there is another 'eye' (shown in the circuit diagram - next page) which grounds the shell of the relay - providing the necessary ground to complete the control circuit. This eye exits the wire bundle from the male plug near the relay assembly (not easily visible in this photo).

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