Homemade Male Plug

The other components needed to achieve these goals were both male and female headlight plugs and a power feed wire for the relay assembly.

After considerable searching, I determined that a male version of a 3-prong headlight plug was not something available to the general public. Although I've seen them in headlight adaptors (Hella has one), I was unable to locate any place to purchase one. So.. I decided to build my own by modifying a female (readily available) headlight socket.

I made up 3 brass pieces from light gauge sheet brass (about 20 gauge), 1/4" wide x 3/4" long. I inserted these into a female headlight plug, and ended up with a male I also reversed two of the connectors in this plug - this is described in detail later in the FAQ. The homemade male plug is illustrated in the photo.maleplug.gif

As can be seen, the plug I used was color coded. In searching for a female headlight plug, I purchased several different headlight plugs from various auto-parts stores.

What I found surprised me - many of them were not dimensionally correct to mate cleanly with a headlight or H4 bulb. The pin spacing was incorrect. The only one I found where the spacing was correct was manufactured by Calterm, part number 08521, "Universal Headlight Socket". It also had the advantage of using color coded wires, making for ease of wiring. I located it at one chain of local auto-parts stores in one of the usual rotating racks of aftermarket electronic parts.


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