K75S Tank Removal

By: Bryan Lally
August 1995

I need to remove the gas tank to my '92 K75S; however the Haynes manual is less than descriptive for this model. The manual describes two clips at the rear but where else is the thing attached? As far as the hoses go, do I need to watch for anything specific when removing or replacing the tank?

Loosen the hose clamp at the front of the fuel rail and remove the fuel line there. A little fuel will spill out (do it with a cold engine). I stuffed a rag underneath the rail to catch most of it.

Disconnect the electrical connection that comes off the back of the tank and weave the wire attached to the tank around so that it will be free when the back of the tank is raised.

Remove the two clips at the back of the tank that hold the tank down.

Raise the tank from the back, and remove the two lines near the right rear of the tank. Note which one goes where :-) One just pushes on, one has a hose clamp.

Remove the fourth line, way at the left front of the tank. This will be easier if someone else holds the tank up.

Pull the tank slightly back and up, and it is off. It is held on by the two rubber bumpers at the front, and the two clips at the back.

Reverse the steps to put it back on. Make sure you get the rubber bumpers in the right places. As to the two hoses at the back right of the tank, the front tank vent is for the air space in the tank - the heavy hose with the clamp, that leads to the crankcase through a one-way valve (the SHED system) goes on there. The skinny one that goes overboard is for the rear vent - that's connected to the little hole under the gas cap. It drains the area around the gas cap. Don't kink any of the lines, or pinch them between the tank and frame, or bad things will happen.

Additional note:

By: Robert Carter
May 1999

I've found you also need to have a new set of grommets that the rear of tank sits on. Even if lubed up prior to pulling the tank up, they have a tendency to rip. 70 cents for two.