Activating the Choke Warning Light on Late K's

By: Jeremy Bell
March 1999

My 87 K75 had a Yellow choke (technically a Fast Idle) light in the bottom Left corner of the 4 warning lights in the Tach. My replacement 94 has the light, but it never activated. Always bothered me, as this was the only thing I gave-up when I traded-up...

Thanks to leads from Anton Largiader's Web site, I was able to get this feature back again.

Sometime between 87 and 94 BMW decided to remove the switch that operates the light, but keep the bulb and the wiring...

Needed part # 61 31 1 459 569 BHP Switch. Cost $20.18 US.

This is a microswitch in a threaded body, about 12" of wires ending in a 2-connector plug. Switch installs into a threaded hole on bracket that holds the Choke Linkage by Injectors.

To install:

Alternatively, if you want a neat built-in (and Bright) Warning Light, shorting the Connector under the tank activates the bulb. Built-in Stealth Radar Detector, anyone ???