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Bob Mugele
Duncanville, TX USA
"on son-in-law's K1200S"
Inaugurated  June 1996
Hobbies - Riding, Bicycling, Basketball, Birding
Favorite Roads - US12 Lolo Pass, CO65 Grand Mesa,
CO92 Black Canyon / Crawford, CO149 Slumgullion Pass
Favorite Trip - 8500 Mi, 5 week moto camping
trip around the Western US w/ 11 yr. old son
Favorite Rally - Top 'O The Rockies
DoD, K-Whiners

'95 BMW K1100RS - Lorelei

Dr. Joseph V. Muha PD
"Dr. Moo"
Bella Vista, AR, USA
.. at the "Gugg" in Las Vegas
Favorite Road - Pig Trail (AR 23)
Favorite Reataurant - Copeland's, Rogers AR
Favorite Pizzaria - Pizza Pro, Bella Vista, AR
"I own parts of both"
Hobbies - Scuba, Hunting

'02 K1200LT "The Mothership"
'97 R1200C "Bahnstormer"

Rocky Mullin
San Francisco, CA, USA
Favorite Road - Berryessa-Knoxville Road, SF to
Harbin Hot Springs in Calistoga
Favorite Rally - King's Classic Scooter Rally
Likes Skiing, DJ, Vintage Italian Scooters, Audi Quattros
2002 "Best Restoration" Award - '62 Lambretta LI 125, "Furbretta"
(because it's covered with fur)
Scummers (volunteers for road safety & charity events)
San Francisco Motorcycle Emergency Response Corps
President - Bavarian Illuminati Motorcycle Cabal

'00 BMW R1150 GS   '91 Suzuki RGV 250
'84 Yamaha RZ 350   '81 Suzuki TS 250
'62 Lambretta LI 125   '59 Lambretta LI 125

Jonathan Munday
Montgomery, AL, USA
Inaugurated April '00
Favorite Rallies - Rhinebeck '99, Midland '00
Hobbies - Wrecking Motorcycles (2)
Lugeless Pavement Rider (LPR) # 65
BMW Owners Of Georgia

'95 R1100RS

Robert Munday
Montgomery, AL, USA
Inaugurated April '96
"Keeper Of The List", "Iron Bunny"
Favorite Beverage - Barq`s Root Beer
Favorite Rally - "Eureka Springs Weekend"
BMWOGA, BMWBMW, BMW MOA, BMW RA Indy BMW Club Buckeye Beemers
Oilheads, BMWMO/AL, Village Idiots, Vintage
Rolling Broccoli Rider, BOOF 131
Trustee, BMWMOA Foundation
Iron Butt Association

'98 R11CHP (AL IBMWR Tag),  '95 R1100RSA

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