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Deryle & Wanda Mehrten
Sierra Vista, Arizona
Favorite Road(s), Rally: So far all the Beemer rallies Wanda and I have been to have been good. The Arizona Rally in May is always one of the best. Take Old Hwy 666 (the Coronado Trail - Hwy 191), over 500 turns in 90 miles. The only thing that can ruin a rally is the weather

Bike(s) Owned - We have owned four Beemers along with several Moto Guzzis, a Ducati or two, and in my early years several Japanese bikes.`

Hobbies (Restoration, LD Riding, Tennis, Photography, Birdwatching, etc.): Since our retirement from Uncle Sam, riding, picture taking and publishing the SEAT Newsletter, A View from the SEAT, has become our major hobby. Between two bikes we do about 15,000 to 20,000 per year.

Special Achievements (MOA High Mileage award, Iron Butt 50CC, etc.): The '88 K100RS ABS SE we purchased used in '92 turned us on to touring. Since then we have done over 200,000 miles on Beemers together. We ride two up 99.9% of the time.

Club Affiliation (BOOF, MOA, RA, Idiots, IBA, AMA, etc.): SEAT, BOOF, MOA, AMA, MGNOC, and probably a few others.

Club Title (AMA District Commander And Sergeant at Arms, etc.): Wanda is the Treasurer and I am the Editor for the South East Arizona Touring Riders (SEAT), BMW MOA Chartered Club #213. We resurrected SEAT back in '95 and currently have a bit over 200 members.

Howard Meiseles
California, USA

1994 K75
2003 k1200rs

Club Affiliation (BOOF, MOA, RA, Idiots, IBA, AMA, etc.) MOA, AMA, bmwcosc
Hobbies (Restoration, LD Riding, Tennis, Photography, Birdwatching, etc.): Riding
Special Achievements (MOA High Mileage award, Iron Butt 50CC, etc.) Completed 100k BMW Mileage in 8 years
Favorite Road Little Tjunja

David Mellish
NSW, Australia

'95 R1100RT
'94 CBR 1000F
'94 FJ1100

William Meriweather
Marietta, GA, USA
Hobbies - Motorcycling, Computers, Golf
Favorite Road - Still Deciding
Poverty Riders International

'99 R1100S
'72 R60/5

John Merrick
Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Favorite Roads - UT14, UT95, or anywhere in Europe
Hobbies - Trapshooting, Fishing, Long Distance Touring
RWP 'Large' Pres. Blue Knights Utah Chapter I
 BMW MOA, AMA., Blue Knights, ABATE
Beehive Beemers, UBBC

'96 K1100RS/SE (Going to Europa) - "Lucille"
'96 K1100RS - "Big Red"
'69 Norton Featherbed w/Triumph motor
'72 Harley Davidson
'93 Ducati 900SL

Roger Meyer II
Hillsboro, OR, USA
Favorite Roads - AZ 191, OR 19
Favorite Trips - PDX to Laguna Seca
Hobbies - Follower of Christ, Sport Touring, Bird Hunting, Working Out

'01 R1150GS
'01 Honda CBR929RR

Ed Miller
"Fast Eddie"
North Lake Tahoe, CA USA
"Member since...???
License Plate: TAHO BMW
BMWMOA member

1994 K1100LTA

Larry Miller
Wallingford, VT, USA
"... on the Cabot Trail, '99"

'98 K1200RS
'00 R1150GS

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