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Stephen Farrow
Detroit, MI, USA
"The Saint"
Inaugurated Dec 2001
Favorite Roads - Transcontinental Highway,
 Ontario & Quebec, California 1 & 3, Massachusetts
Hobbies - LD Riding, Running, Swimming, 
Tango, Reading , Research, Languages

'93 R1100RS

Lyndon Field
Pampa, TX, USA
Hobbies - Motorcycles, Wedding Photography, Bicycling
Favorite Road - Deal's Gap "Dragon", with a bunch of former dirt racers
Palo Duro Riders, BMW MOA

'96 R1100RT "Green Streak"

John Filak
Potterstown, NJ, USA
Inaugurated June '97
Favorite Road - Blue Ridge Parkway
Best Trip - Canadian Maritimes Tour, August '90
Hobbies - 2nd Alto Sax, Whitehouse Wind Symphony
Iron Butt Association

'00 K1200RS
'01 Suzuki GSX-R1000
'96 Ducati 900SS/CR
'97 Ducati 916 Strada

John Fishbeck
Williamston, MI, USA
Favorite roads (so far) - Dexter Trail, Territorial Road, and all of NW Lower Pennisula, MI, OH800, OH78, OH555, OH550, Skyline Drive (VA), Blue Ridge Parkway, VA39, WV39, WV150, WV219, WV28
Hobbies - Riding, Bike Tinkering, Sailing, Flying, Reading

'88 K75S

David Fishman
Grass Valley, CA, USA
Favorite Riding Spot - Sierra Foothills
Beverage - Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Chico, CA
Fillet of Sole - Tadich Grill, San Francisco, CA
Clam Chowder - Lucas Wharf, Bodega Bay, CA
Fish & Chips - Cook's Seafood, Menlo Park, CA
Hobbies - Riding, Photography, Beer, Coin Collecting, Guns
Original Village Idiots, BMW MOA, BMW RA, AMA, DoD
Holds a patent on the Dimplewhacker (tm)
Mo-Fo Moderator at Adventure Rider

'00 R1150GS - "Shaft"
'05 R1200RT "she hasn't told me her name yet"

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