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Mark Domlovil
Kalamazoo, MI, USA
Activities - Long Distance Riding,  Photography,
Cooking, Salmon Fishing on "NowWhat", 
Himmy-Persian- Exotic  Cat Showing
Favorite Road -  US36 , the  non-slab (I-70)
btw Indianapolis & Denver. Not challenging,
but very little traffic, nor traffic enforcement,
plenty of mom-pop venues, and no I-70 trucks
Goal - Early retirement to Clearwater Beach,
& fuss about making a lighter weight BMW
LPR #33 and Ticranium'd #1
BMW 200K award

'02 R1150RT - IBMWR MI tagholder

William Donald
Margarita Island, Venezuela

1995 K75
2001 650GS

Barry Dwernychuk
Vancouver, BC, CA
Favorite Roads - All of southern BC
Work: Reformed lawyer, now an IT consultant, writer and trainer.
Play: Riding and restoring BMWs since 1977; Boating the Gulf and San Juan Islands.
Reality: Polycystic Kidney Disease. Please register to become an organ donor. Your generous gift could save many lives.
Hobbies - Wrenching Airheads, LD Riding, Swimming
Previous BMWs: '76 R75/6 “Spirit II”; '87 R100RS “Spirit III”; ‘84 R80RT “Spirit IV”;
‘93 K75RT “Das Wedgie”; ‘72 R75/5 Toaster “El Diablo”;
‘83 R80RT “Inga” (Best Airhead Form, MOA Rally Gillette 2008); ‘82 R80ST “Casper”; ‘98 K1200RS “Holy Sh!t”
Previous Other: Kawasaki Concours(‘99, ‘01, ‘05, ‘06), Yamaha XV920, Yamaha XS 750, Norton 850 Roadster JPS Norton 850 Interstate, Kawasaki 350, Kawasaki 90

Clubs: IBMWR member since 1999, Airheads #5934, Iron Butt Association #8686 Trans Canadian Gold (on my ‘84 R80RT “Spirit IV”)

Current main squeeze: ‘02 R1150RT “Felina”

Wayne "Doc" Edkin
Blossvale NY
Retired teacher and administrator
Hobbies - pet birds (2 Macaws, sort of the BMW of the bird world),
a Lab, and cat,
reading, learning fingersyle acoustic guitar.
Favorite Rally - Yankee Beemers rally
Club Affiliations: MOA, RA, LPR, AMA, IBA, IBMWR and Syracuse Guns 'N Hoses MC

2005 K1200LT
1974 R60/6

Phil Elliott
Vero Beach, FL, USA
Favorite Road - Away from Florida

'85 K100
'87 K75C
'87 Honda Rebel 250 (hers)

Mike Enloe
Herndon, VA, USA
(DC Metro Area)
Favorite Rallies - Square Route Rally
Tarheel Travelers' Halloween Campout
Hobbies -  Backpacking, Hunting, Woodworking
Tarheel Travelers, BMWBMW

'99 R1100 GS
'85 Suzuki GS550 (former, first bike)

Don Faichney
"The Kiltmeister"
Port Hope, ON, CA
'02 BMW MOA International Rally Chair
Roving Rolling Broccoli Ambassador

'92 K1100LT

George Falcon
Rockville MD
2005 K1200LT "Nadine", after my First blonde girlfriend
Joined IBMWR 8/2000
Favorite roads: Md. Rt. 77, W of Thurmont; I-79 N. of Charleston, W.V.; Provo Canyon Highway N. of Provo, UT., U. S. Rt. 12 West of Missoula, MT. through Lowell, ID., U. S. 50, W. of Md. state line through WV.
Favorite rally: the BMWMOA rally in '89, where I had my first date with my significant other, Lona. Second-favorite: the 2002 rally in Trenton, ON. Great location, and great music.
Favorite trips so far: the 37 states I visited between 29 Sep 08 and 21 Oct <08 to complete my 2008 tour of the contiguous 48. Second-favorite: when
Lona and I rode out to Spokane for the 2004 BMWMOA rally there.
Hobbies: photography, riding, movies.
Organizations: BMWMOA, BMWRA, AMA, BMWBMW, NRA, Mensa.
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