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Jim Campbell
Allen, TX, USA
Hobbies - Motorcycling!

'99 R1100RT

 Keith Carr
Southeast MO, USA
UN Police Officer for the United Nations Mission in Liberia
Favorite Places To Ride - Ozarks, Crna Gora/Montenegro, Smoky Mountains  
Kosovo BMW Riders, Founder (only member btw 2000/02)
Liberia BMW Riders, Founder (one other member)
BMW MOA, Jugs and Shafts
Previous - '72 R75/5, '87 K75S,
'88 K100LT, '99 F650

'04 R1150RT (My Baby)

John M. Carruth
Medina, TN, USA
Inaugurated '99/00
Favorite roads - TN232, TN48
TN13, TN141, NC28, NC129, NC209
Hobbies - Bikes, Physical Fitness
Favorite Rally - GA Mountain
BMW Riders of Nashville
RAMS, Airheads

'81 R100 w/Hannigan
'02 VFR 800 A2
'03 ST1300A

Jim Catlett
"Jim  2 8UP"
Gladstone, MO, USA
Favorite Rally - Gunnison Unrally 2002
Hobbies - Antique Clock Repair, Riding
Special Achievements - Living long enough to retire
27 bikes owned, one or two at a time
KC BMW, Ararat Shrine Motorcorp

'03 R1150RT - Titan Gray

Sean Cavanaugh
San Diego, CA, USA
Favorite Roads - CA89 Monitor Pass, CA4 Ebbett's Pass, CA299 btw Redding & Eureka, US 89  Zion Nat'l Park to Glacier Nat'l Park, anywhere in the Sierras on a weekday
Hobbies - Ski Racing (alpine), Beer making, Beer drinking, LD Riding, Working on house, garden, & lawn
SS1k almost entirely on 2-lane blacktop
"The Most Boring Bun Burner Gold Ever" (I-5, San Diego/Oregon in 21 hr)
Fastest time finisher in the '01 Baby Butt 1000 (16 hr/12 min)
Red Hot Riders

'96 R1100-RSL ("Sergio" -- geddit? ;)
'78 Suzuki RM-125

Vince Chase

Winchester, NH  USA
Favorite Rally - GSBMWR Purity Spring Rally, Americade, Chromehead Ramblin' Pig
Hobbies - Sailing, Jazz Festivals, Webpages, Photography
Favorite Roads: Kancamagus Highway, Freshly paved backroads in New England and NY
Clubs: BMWMOA, BMWRA, Granite State BWM Riders (GSBMWR),,
Club Title: GSBMWR Rallymaster and Webmaster

'95 R100R '04 R1200CLC '75 Norton 850 Commando

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