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This is a compilation of IBMWR Member Profiles. Its purpose is to associate faces with the names you see every day on the Internet BMW Riders "Big List".

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Initial Release - January 2001
Latest Revision - 26 September 2011
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Page 1
Steve Albrecht
Bob Alexander
Steve Anderson *New Info*
Tom Anspach
Robert Atkinson
Greg Ayala
Antonio Azevedo
Ron Barthelme
Gerry Barton*
Nate Birkholz

Page 4
Jim Campbell
Keith Carr
John Carruth
Jim Catlett
Sean Cavanaugh
Vince Chase

Page 7
Earle Davidson
Jeff Dean
Jeff Deavers
Jon Diaz
Bob Dickey
Jerry Dockery*

Page 10
Mark Flanagan
Don Flowers
Hal Foraker
"PirateJohn" Gilmer
Frank Glamser
Paul Glaves *New Info*

Page 13
Jack Hawley
Viki Hawley
Chuck Hickey
Ross Hofmeyr
Gary Hoyne
Greg Hutchinson

Page 16
Rob Lessen
Clive Liddell
Clif Lines
Chris Long
Ray Lucas

Page 19
Cole Mills
Erik Miner
Paul Mitcheltree
Jake Moore
Jim Morrow

Page 22
Harry Pendexter
Alex C. Perris
John Pierce
Greg Pink
Jim Post*
Dana Priesing

Page 25
Duncan Seaman
Greg Shamieh
Jay Shampur
Jim Shaw
Mervin Short*
Rod Shropshire

Page 28
Bonnie Stubbs
Chas. Sturtevant
Mike Sweger*
Gord Taylor
Bryan Thiessen
Richard Thrift

Page 31
Kenny Wickstrom
Bill Wight
Victoria Wilson
Mark Wintle
Ken Woolley

Page 2
Tony Black
Barry Blank
Matt Bolduc
Jesse Booth
Paul & Doug Bowsher
Jim Bradney
Gordon Brice*

Page 5
Tom Childers
Pat Childress
Mike Clark
Robert Cline Sr
Kevin Cole
Brett Cook

Page 8
Mark Domlovil
William Donald
Barry Dwernychuk
Wayne Edkin
Phillip Elliott
Mike Enloe
Don Faichney
George Falcon

Page 11
Voni Glaves
Doug Gordon
flash gordon
Damun Gracenin *New Info*
George Guillory
Michael Gullery

Page 14
Brent Jass
Robert Jenkins
Al Johnson
Jason Kaplitz
Charles Keefer
Eric Keil

Page 17
John MacFadyen
George B. Mastovich
Mark Maxwell*
Paul Mayhew
Bob McCarthy
Mick McKinnon

Page 20
Bob Mugele
Joe Muha
Rocky Mullin
Jonathan Munday
Robert Munday

Page 23
Harv Read
Marilyn Roberts
Chip Robie
Kevin Ronstrom
Phil Rose
George Rudd

Page 26
Donald E Sidler
Philip  Sikora
John Simmons
Joe Skaggs
Blake Smith
David Smith
Tony Murray-Smith
David Soine*

Page 29
Greg Tosto
Andy Trembley
David Turley
Terry Turnbeaugh
Helen Twowheels

Page 32
Mark Wurtenberger
Marcus Young
Leigh Ann Zaolino
Mark Zimmerman
Bob Zinda
Jeff Zinn

Page 3
Chuck Brand*
David Brick
Steve Brooks
Rex Brown
Keith Brummett
Ed Buelsing
Alan Butler
Jon Burt

Page 6
Robert Cooper
Stacey Coughlin
Alan Courtney
Bill Cress
Jim Cross
Thomas V. Cutter

Page 9
Stephen Farrow
Lyndon Field
John Filak
John Fishbeck
Dave Fishman

Page 12
Ted Hall
Don Hamblin
Gary Harris
Dick Hautau
Pete "C" Hawk
Mark Hawkins

Page 15
Randall & Rita Kelley
William Kenney*
David Kenwright
John Kersh
James King
Mike LaBar
William Landahl
Robert Laposta

Page 18
Deryle & Wanda Mehrten
Howard Meiseles
David Mellish
Bill Meriweather
John Merrick
Roger Meyer II
Ed Miller
Larry Miller

Page 21
Jim Murdoch
Dennis Murphy
Christopher Noe
Joe Pasquarello*
Mark  Patrick
Karol Patzer *New Info*

Page 24
Kim Rydalch
Carlos Saraiva
Ian Schmeisser
Howard Schultz
Victor Scopel
Eric Seaberg

Page 27
Ken Springhetti
Robert Sterling
Tom Stites
Les Stork
Cary Stotland
John Stratton
Bob Straubinger

Page 30
Ray Upton
John Virnig
Richard Ward *New Info*
Bob Weis
Ron Wheeler
John M. White


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