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Most people new to the Internet, including the sub-basement of the online 'cycle culture, encounter a new language, often made up of  wierd little acronyms. This occasionally comes up for discussion on the list. Ross Brown made the mistake of asking about acronyms and has become the KOTL....

(If you don't find it here, try the Acronym Finder.)

Acronyms and Symbols

Any acronyms not on this list may be forwarded to me for inclusion --

** Be sure you put the following within < > only! **

<g> Small Grin

<G> Big Grin

<BIG GRIN> Big Grin

<big grin> (Small) Big Grin

<BSEG> Big Shit-Eating Grin

<BFG> Big Fucking Grin

<BFEG> Big Fucking Evil Grin

<BEG> Big Evil Grin

<EG> Evil Grin

<FROWN> Big Frown

<frown> Small Frown

<GD&R> Grinning, Ducking and Running (after poking fun at someone)

<GD&RLH> Grinning, Ducking and Running Like Hell

<WINK> Big Wink

<wink> Small Wink

<seg> (Small) Shit-Eating Grin


** Be sure you _always_ have acronyms capitalized! **

AAMOF As A Matter Of Fact

AND Any Day Now

ADMF Adios Mother F--ker

AFAIC As Far As I'm Concerned

AFAIK As Far As I Know

AFK Away From Keyboard

AISI As I See It

ANFAWFOS And Now For A Word From Our Sponsor

AOL America Online (A commercial service)

ASAP As Soon As Possible

ASAFP As Soon As Friggin' Possible

ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ATFQ Answer The F*cking Question

ATSL Along The Same Line

AWGTHTGTATA Are We Going To Have To Go Through ALL This Again?

AWGTHTGTTA? Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Again?

B4 Before

BBIAB Be Back In A Bit

BBL Be Back Later

BBSTYWTCMDJBAP Be back sooner than you would think, considering my dog just bit a policeman

BBS Bulletin Board System

b/c because

BCU, BCNU Be Seeing You ....

BDC Brain Dead Cager

BDI Brain Dead Idiot

BF Boyfriend

BFD Big F*cking Deal

BMF Big Mother F*ucker

BMWOA BMW Motorcycle Owners Of America

BMWOC BMW Motorcycle Owners of Canada

BNF Big Name Fan

BOOF Brotherhood Of Old Farts

BOT Back On Topic

BRB Be Right Back

BRBDGA Be Right Back Don’t Go Away

BTBO Bight The Big One

BTDT Been There Done That

BTW By The Way

BTWBO Be There With Bells On

BTW By The Way

Cage car

CFD Call For Discussion

CFV Call For Vote

CIAO Goodbye (Italian)

CU See You

CUL Catch You Later

CUL (CUL8R) See You Later

CUL8R See You Later

CUNT Caring Understanding Nineties Type see SNAG

CWYL Chat With You Later

DDD Direct Distance Dial (as in the phone system)

DILLIGAD Do I Look Like I Give A Darn?!

DIY Did It Yourself

DNF Did Not Finish

EMFBI Excuse Me For Butting In

EMFJI Excuse Me For Jumping In

ESAD Eat Shit And Die

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

FFR Flat F--kin Run

FITB Fill In The Blank....

FOAD F*ck Off And Die

FOAF Friend Of A Friend

FMPOV From My Point Of View

FTASB Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

FTL Faster Than Light

FTP File Transfer Protocol (Used on Inet/Unet/WWW)

FUBAR Fucked Up Beyond All Repair

FUBB Fouled Up Beyond Belief

FWIW For What It's Worth

FYI For Your Information

GD&R Grinning, Ducking and Running (Usually left at the end of a mean or digging statement)

GAL Get A Life

GALSLIM Get A Life Stop Living In Mine

GF Girlfriend

GFC Going For Coffee

GIF Graphics Interchange Format. Pictures drawn in graphics.

GIGO Garbage In, Garbage Out

GROK As in "I GROK" means thorough understanding.

GIWIST Gee, I Wish I'd Said That

GMTA Great Minds Think Alike!

GPS Global Positioning System

HAGO Have A Good One

HAK Hugs And Kisses

HHOK Ha, Ha, Only Kidding

HHO 1/2 K Ha, Ha, Only Half Kidding

HHTYAY Happy Holidays to You and Yours

HOAM Hold On A Minute

HOAFM Hold On A Fucking Minute

HTH Hope This Helps

HTML HyperText Markup Language (Graphics on Inet/Usenet/WWW)

HTTP HyperText Transport Protocol (Used in the WWW)

HUA Heads Up, Ace

IAC In Any Case

IANAL I Am Not A Lawyer

IBTD I Beg To Differ

IC I See

DK I Don’t Know

IITYWTMWYKM If I Tell You What This Means Will You Kiss Me?

IITYWISWYBMAD If I Tell You What It Says, Will You Buy Me A Drink?

IITYWIMWYBMAD If I Tell You What It Means Will You Buy Me A Drink?

IIWM If It Were Me (Mine)

IKHYF I Know How You Feel

ILSHIBAMF I Laughed So Hard I Broke All My Furniture!

IMCO In My Considered Opinion

IMHO In My Humble Opinion or In My Honest Opinion

IMNSHO In My Not So Humble Opinion

IMO In My Opinion

IMRO In My Royal Opinion

IMWTK Inquiring Minds Want To Know

INPO In NO Particular Order

IOW In Other Words

IP Internet Protocol. Main protocol used on the Inet.

IRC Internet Relay Chat (Real time worldwide chatting)

ISHBAB (ISHBTB) I Should Have Bought A/The Book

ITSFWI If The Shoe Fits, Wear It

IYHO In Your Humble Opinion

JAFM! Just A F*cking Minute!

JFYI Just For Your Info

JHO1M Just Hold On One Minute

JMNSHO Just My Not So Humble Opinion

K Kompakt engine in K- Bike

KISS Keep It Simple, Stupid

KOT Keeper Of The --------

KOTL Keeper Of The List

K-Whiner K Bike Rider

L8R Later

LD Long Distance

LDR Long Distance Relationship

LEO Law Enforcement Officer

LJBF Let's Just Be Friends

LLTA Lots and Lots of Thunderous (or Thundering) Applause

LMAO Laughing my A-- off

LOL Laughing Out Loud or Lots of Laughs

LTIP Laughing Til' I Puke

LTNT Long Time, No Type

MCM Motorcycle Consumer News

MFWIIC Mother F*cker Which Is In Charge

MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions. A protocol for audio messages sent as Inet email.

MMS My Main Squeeze (steady sexual partner)

MOTAS Member Of The Appropriate Sex

MOTOS Member Of The Opposite Sex

MOTSS Member Of The Same Sex

MPOV My Point Of View

MRP My Romantic Partner

MS Main Squeeze (steady sexual partner)

MTFBWY May The Force Be With You

MYOB Mind your own Business

NBFD No Big F*cking Deal

NFI No Friggin' Idea

NFW No Fucking Way

NFWM No Fucking Way, Man

N'SP Nobody 'S Perfect

NTYMI Now That You Mention It

NW No Way

NWD No Way, Dude

NWM No Way, Man

OAUS On An Unrelated Subject

OATUS On A Totally Unrelated Subject

OBTW Oh, By The Way

OBMWC Obligatory BMW Content

OIC Oh, I See

ON BMW Owners News

ONNA Oh No, Not Again

ONNTA Oh No, Not This Again

OOTC Obligatory On-Topic Comment

OOTQ Out Of The Question

OTOH On The Other Hand

OTOOH On The Other Other Hand

OTTOMH Off The Top Of My Head

OWTTE Or Words To That Effect

OZ Australia

PITA (pita) Pain In The Ass

PMJI Pardon My Jumping In

PMFBI Pardon Me For Butting In

PMFJI Pardon Me For Jumping In

POP Post Office Protcol. Internet protocol for Inet email

POV Point Of View

POQ Piss Off Quick

PTB Powers That Be.

PPP Point to Point Protocol. Similar to SLIP for the Inet.

PS Post Script

RA BMW Riders Assoc.

RAT Road Anomalies Tour

RFD Request For Discussion

RFI Request for information

RTKABA Right To Keep And Bear Arms

ROTF Rolling On The Floor

ROTFL Rolling On The Floor Laughing

ROTFLMAO Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off

ROTFLUIPIMP Rolling On The Floor Laughing Until I Pissed In My Pants

ROTFLUIWMP Rolling On The Floor Laughing Until I Wet My Pants

ROTFLWTIME Rolling On The Floor Laughing With Tears In My Eyes

RP Romantic Partner

RSN Real Soon Now

RTDM Read The Damn Manual

RTFM Read The Fucking Manual

RTGM Read The Goddamn Manual

RTM Read The Manual

Sig A persons signature

SLIP Serial Line Internet Protocol

SNAFU Situation Normal, All Fucked Up

SNAG Sensitive New Age Guy

Snailmail Regular paper mail sent via the government Postal Service.

SNAMU Situation Normal, All Messed Up

SO Significant Other (Not Sex Object!) (Use RP or MMS instead).

SOB Son Of A Bitch

SOD Society Of Dickheads

SOHF Sense OF Humor Failure

SOW Speaking Of Which

SS1K Saddle Sore 1000 miles

SSU Shiny Side Up

STD Sexually Transmitted Disease/Diseases

SWALK Sealed With A Loving Kiss

SWMBO She Who Must Be Obeyed

SYSOP System Operator

TANJ There Ain't No Justice

TANSTAAFL There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

TANSTAASQ There Ain't No Such Thing As A Stupid Question

TIA Thanks In Advance

TLx The Lovely X wife or husband

TNP Take No Prisoners)

TOBAL There Oughta Be A Law

TOBG This Oughta Be Good

TPTB The Powers That Be

TTBOMK To The Best Of My Knowledge

TTFN Ta Ta For Now

TTYL (TTUL) Talk To You Later

TYVM Thank You Very Much

Unet (UNET) Usenet. (One third the Internet/Usenet/Wordwide Web)

Unews (UNEWS) Usenet Newsgroups. (Public echoes on the Usenet)

URL (Address of a site on Unet, or the WWW)

UUCP Unix to Unix CoPy. A transmission protocol that carries Internet email.

VIDIOT Village Idiot

WAG - Wild A** Guess

WFO Wide F*cking Open

WGAS Who Gives A Sh*t

WKF Well Known Fact

WRT With Regard To

WT Without Thinking

WTF What The F*ck

WTTM Without Thinking Too Much

WNOHGB Where No One Has Gone Before

WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get

YWIA Your Welcome In Advance

WACO We Aren't Coming Out!

WAFM Wait A F*cking Minute!

WAIS Wide Area Information Server (for Inet/Unet/WWW)

WAM Wait A Minute!

WTF? What The F*ck?

WWW World Wide Web (Part of the Internet/Usenet/WWW system)

WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get

XSO Ex-SO (Ex-Significant Other) (not Sex Object!)

YA Yet Another--------

YGLT You're Gonna Love This...

YKYARW You Know You're A Redneck When...

YMMV Your Mileage May Vary

YWIA Your Welcome In advance

YPOV Your Point Of View

YPOVS! Your Point Of View Sucks!



Ass Icons

(_!_) a regular ass

(__!__) a fat ass

(!) a tight ass

(_._) a flat ass

(_^_) a bubble ass

(_*_) a sore ass

(_!__) a lop-sided ass

{_!_} a swishy ass

(_o_) an ass that's been around

(_O_) an ass that's been around even more

(_x_) kiss my ass

(_X_) leave my ass alone

(_zzz_) a tired ass

(_o^o_) a wise ass

(_13_) an unlucky ass




Smile(y) :-)

Midget smiley :)

Surprise =:^0

Smile/Grin 8^) or =:^)

Bug-eyed smile 8-)

Laughing :-D

Sad (frown) ;-(

Forlorn :-<

Frown :-(

Grim (dead face) :-|

Too bad :-{

Good grief! |-{

Oh, no! (uh, oh) :-o

Crying :'-( or :~<

Happy tears :'-)

Wink '-)

Wink and smile ;-)

Ironic smile :-}

Biting sarcasm :->

Tongue-in-cheek :-^ or :-J

Hmmm (smirk) :-,

Wry :-7

Speaking with forked tongue :-w

Bleahhh (sticking out tongue) :-r

Sticking out tongue :-P

Devilish >:->

Lewd >;->

Drool(ing) :-)~ or ;-P~~

Tongue hanging out in anticipation :-P

Kiss, kiss :-x

Big, wet kiss :-X

Censored :-#

Angry :-||

Screaming :-@

Yelling :-(O)

Shocked (wow!) :-o

Really shocked :-O or =8-O

Puzzled :-?

Confused %-(

Tongue-tied :-8

Thinking (undecided) :-\

Skeptical :-/

Indifferent :-I

Bored :-o zz z z Z Z

Yawning |-O

Asleep |-I

Dead X-(

Lips are sealed :-X or :-#

Hard night last night :+<

Screen-dazed %-)

Seeing dollar signs $-)

Brainy (@):-D

Dreamy O o ... :-}

Moustache :-{)

Beard :-)}

Lipstick wearer :-{}

Sunglasses 8-)

Glasses on forehead 8:-)

Horn-rims B-)

Black eye !-(

Big nose :--)

Piggy nose :@)

Wearing cap d:-)

Wearing Walkman [:-)

Wearing bow tie :-)X

Smoker :-Q or :-i

Pipe smoker :-?

Chef C=:-)

Clown *:o)

Doctor :-)-O

Dunce <:-I

Graduate K:-)

Nurse ]:-)

Pirate P-)

Pope +<|:-)

Punk rocker =:-)

Angel O :-) or o:-)

Cyclops O-)

Devil >:-)

Adolph Hitler :=)

Dracula 8:}=

Ronald Reagan 7:^]

Homer Simpson :-{)}

Uncle Sam =|:-)=

Baboon := |

Cat }:-<

Cow }:-o

Duck :.v

Frog 8)

Pig 8:)

Eating ice cream :-]o>

Breasts (tits, boobs, etc) (.)(.)

Face (^-^)


Other Symbols

Sword {}xxxxxxxxx[]:::::::::::::::::::::::>

Fish ><XXXXX*>

Rose @--------}--------

Arrow >->->---------------à

Necklace >o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o<

Dynamite (XXXXX)----#



CAUTION The following symbols may not transmit over Emails

Inverted ? ¿ (Alt 1,6,8)

,Inverted exclamation ¡ (Alt 6,8,5)

Smile(y) face Ü (Alt 1,5,4)

Eyes & nose ô¿ô (Alt 1,4,7 then Alt 1,6,8 then Alt 1,4,7)


This list is compiled from contributions made by IBMWR Presidents. The information is often supplied without source recognition. Should any person feel that information supplied is substantially theirs email me and your name will be included as a co-author to this prestigious document……… Ross Brown

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