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How To Keep Your Beemer Clean

How To Keep Your Beemer Clean

a step-by-step guide for the anal retentive
by Bill Shaw (

Before you begin reading the following FAQ, I would like to present my credentials.

I have dedicated the majority of my adult life and all my waking hours for the past 22 years in pursuit of keeping motorcycles looking new. And during these past 22 years, I have read everything EVER written on cleaning things. What you are about to read is a compilation of the techniques that I use to clean my motorcycles. I have a doctorate in Automotive Detailing, and I am the founder and President/CEO of a nodenominational group of BMW motorcycle cleaning enthusiasts. We do not discriminate based on make, model or displacement, and are incorporated as the Anal Retentive Internet BMW Riders (ARIBMWR). It is our goal to proselytize the fundamental principals by which we live our life: Keep It Clean, or Park It!

If you have any additional input, comments, suggestions or recommendations (you'll be wrong...but let me know anyway, I'm always up for a good laugh), please let me know. Toodles.

[For those that believe that a clean bike is a sign of one not ridden, Bill Shaw has ridden an immaculate bike through more states in the last few years than I have visited in my entire life ... Ed.]


1. Tools of the Trade

2. Bath Time!

3. Polish & Wax

4. Clear Plastic

5. Airheads

6. Oilheads

7. K Bikes & F-650's

8. Wheels